During my school period at Epitech, several times i was a teacher, on C languages and Backend Web Développement, This experience Allowed me to meet a lot of people and improve my global knowledge in computer programming. During my studies i had the chance to go to one of the coldest country of china for 1 year, Here, i study the artificial intelligence and the communication between devices. The sharing of data on multiple system really pleased me. A placement in MiddleWay for my last years of studies was clearly the best opportunity for me !


My mission is to learn everyday in order to get solid skills with microsoft technologies, such as Azure and Biztalk
Etienne Fernandez

for you

For me, MiddleWay its a place where colleagues can be skillful teacher, a reliable team and really funny friends I’m happy to start my career of data integration in this enterprise.

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Luck has to be taunted

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setting data in motion
to you ?

For me, the data in motion its standardize and automatize the information sharing among several entities inside or outside of a structure. The purposes are to increase the data processing speed, reduce input errors, avoid duplicated document and make those actions easier than before.