I graduated from a school of computer engineering. I specialized in electronic money, which enabled me to understand what’s at stake when designing secure and efficient systems. After my training, I worked a year for Crédit Agricole. This first experience taught me to study every aspects of a modification before integrating it into an existing system.


I’m the latest addition to MiddleWay. As such I still have to train and in order to do that I quickly joined a project that will allow me to hone my skills. When I get up in the morning, my goal is to study the existing, to imagine every possible solution and to implement the one that’s best suited to our client.


for you

For me, MiddleWay embodies dynamism and flexibility. It’s a team eager to progress, which pushes each of its members upwards. It’s also a group of people thirsty for exchanges and knowledge, which allows for everyone’s improvement. Finally, it’s an atmosphere that puts everyone at ease and helps lead each project to its end in the best conditions.

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Every problem has a solution.

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What does
setting data in motion
to you ?

For me, it’s all a question of timing, precision and execution. Each piece of data must appear at the right time for optimal and efficient treatment. Each of them must also be precise enough to arrive in the correct order or land in the right pipes. And finally execution, because each interaction with data happens for a precise reason and throughout their life, data have to develop and enrich the systems orbiting around them.