After graduating high school, I initially looked towards engineering, that’s why I joined CPE Lyon (French Grande École for chemistry, physics and electronics) where I specialized in computer science and electronics. This school opened my eyes to new horizons, especially during a hiatus year when I worked in the Netherlands between my fourth and fifth year of studies. I joined MiddleWay right after completing my final year project in Paris.


A typical day begins with a morning meeting with my client’s team, and then it is often varied. I sometimes advise clients to help define aspects of the projects, communicate within MiddleWay or complete purely technical operations. And I sometimes have to face one last challenge at the end of the day: winning at ping-pong

Tanguy Schoubert

for you

It’s a one of a kind company, one I’m glad to have found. There, you get trained and considered, all in a great atmosphere. Its importance for the associates and co-founders is palpable and it makes you want to join the adventure.

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in life

I did not come here to suffer, ok?

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What does
setting data in motion
to you ?

It means answering the challenge of choosing to connect the right systems together, setting them up in the most efficient way for the right data to flow at the right place and at the right time.