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parse csv blob on creation

Parsing a CSV File in Azure Blob Storage

Recently, I worked on a project where I needed to read the contents of CSV files and then process them. We store these files in Azure Blob Storage containers. In this article, I’ll show you the …
Graph connectors demystified

Demystifying Microsoft Graph Connector

Microsoft Graph connectors play a fundamental role by opening Graph to data external to the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Using a Graph connector in conjunction with Microsoft Search significantly …
accessing key vault in bicep

Accessing KeyVault secrets in Bicep

Azure Key Vault is a pivotal cloud service to store and share secrets. It safeguards cryptographic keys and secrets for cloud applications and services. Despite its significance, integrating it with …
certificate authentication ssl entra id access token jwt

Entra ID: Obtaining a JWT Access Token Using an SSL Certificate

On this post, I share a way to get a JWT token on Entra using a client SSL certificate instead of a secret stored at the Entra level. Entra (formerly Azure AD), offers a full range of features for …

Deployment of Standard Logic App via Bicep

Azure’s Standard Logic Apps offer a high-performance platform for orchestrating and automating workflows in the cloud. It provides a wide variety of ready-to-use connectors for integrating services …
managed id authentication rbac

Using Managed Identities in a Logic App

  Ensuring the security and integrity of connections between resources is essential when implementing solutions on Azure. In this regard, Azure Logic Apps, among other Azure services, offers the …
variables devops pipeline

Parameterizing a Variable in an Azure DevOps Build Pipeline

Some build pipelines serve multiple branches of the same project. As such, it may be necessary to have different parameters depending on the branch. In this article, we’ll take as a need the fact of …
API Management

Understanding Workspaces in Azure API Management

  Azure API Management (or APIM) is a service that allows users to define, manage, secure, and monitor APIs in a unified interface. APIM offers various advanced features such as caching, …
OAuth Authorization Code with Azure AD

OAuth Authorization Code with Azure AD

In a previous article, I shared the configuration of the OAuth Client Credentials flow with Azure AD. The configuration of the OAuth Authorization Code flow with Azure AD is similar to that one. It’s …

OAuth Client Credentials with Azure Active Directory

This article discusses Azure Active Directory, Microsoft’s identity platform which supports various authentication flows. Setting up the OAuth Client Credentials authentication flow can be done …
Calling SAP RFC function with Azure Function

Calling SAP RFC function with Azure Function

Recently we’ve been asked to migrate a few data flows running on proprietary software to Azure. The flows were not complicated; the only specialty was that we had to call some SAP RFC functions. As …
isloated process azure function

Azure Functions in .NET 7: The Mandatory Isolated Process

Azure Functions is a major component of the Serverless resources provided by Microsoft. First seen in early 2022, the new .NET 7 framework brings some changes for Azure’s cloud. And notably a …