Our convictions
Supporting business strategy

The production of data has been growing exponentially and the volume of digitized information keeps increasing. Beyond the sheer quantity, beyond this proliferation and the omnipresence of buzzwords like “Big Data” or “Cloud”, what ultimately motivates us is the use of this data and its integration within companies’ strategies.

To transform all this complexity into understandable data so as to maximize its use, we have purposely chosen to focus on setting up middleware solutions.

They are perfect matches for the challenges at hand and they enable us to provide mature and dependable solutions for data management. Technologies have been evolving very quickly (especially with the Cloud) and business departments have become increasingly autonomous in their IT choices: that’s why customers are stimulated and more and more interested in buying modular and tested solutions.

With the advent of cloud computing, the multiplication of terminal devices and of system entry points, guaranteeing the clustering of heterogeneous data sources has become crucial.
To do that, we truly act as “translators”, creating “connections” firstly to guarantee good communication between all data
– whether they be inside or outside of the company – and secondly to allow for their analysis and availability to key users.

We wish to serve our clients’ performance to the best of our abilities by supporting them throughout their projects.

They’re faced with strong challenges brought on by the increasing complexity and diversification of data. Their optimization projects are engaging, impacting but above all else, they are vital to the company’s strategy and often require heavy investments. Our clients aim to improve their information system while benefiting from a measurable ROI regarding both the time devoted to data management and their relevance when they’re read. In this perspective, they’re looking for a reliable partner, able to anticipate their future needs and to ensure continuity for the recommended solutions.
Therefore we highly value pedagogy throughout all projects and we wish to co-construct solutions with our customers, by sharing and confronting our point of views. As such, our being external consultants is a real asset since our experiences in multiple sectors as well as our ability to take a step back enable us to attack problems from a new angle and to enrich the perception of projects and issues. Our flexible approach allows us to provide quick answers while simultaneously building a long-term vision. Between short-term and long-term, our approach is global.