Our dna
Promoting entrepreneurship

The MIDDLEWAY adventure is suffused with a strong entrepreneurial impulse. As a matter of fact, MIDDLEWAY was founded by freelancers, who decided to associate and join forces after collaborating for several years.

The wish to gather new associates as we go is fully included in the company’s DNA.

As experts of middleware and especially of Microsoft BizTalk, we’ve felt the need to welcome new profiles early on, to help them grow, to share our expertise and vision with them. Each new personality brings on board a new perspective, much needed fresh blood and great open-mindedness; all key ingredients for the immaterial capital of our business. At MIDDLEWAY, man occupies a central position!  In line with our trademark entrepreneurial fiber, we wish to foster initiative in our partners. They’re all playing a significant part in team leading, in defining our strategy and can even contemplate becoming equity partners and shareholders in our project over the course of their career.