I discovered this world through an optional subject and a small labyrinth; in front of me, the doors to IT opened, and in particular those of development. After a short detour to understand what goes on underneath the machines, I finally headed for software development. An unexpected opportunity presented itself and I seized it. I found a world that suited me, mine and that of many others, called Microsoft. Little by little, through web development, I was able to explore this world. Today, I’m continuing my adventure in a new stratum, where cloud and piping are the key words. My path, my encounters and my experiences have led me to find what suits me best. I’m looking forward to deepening my knowledge in good company at MiddleWay.


I’m a consultant. I listen to customers to analyze their situation, develop a solution and, above all, provide comprehensive support. At the same time, I’m constantly improving and training myself, so I’m never behind the latest technologies.

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I’ve been looking for a long time for the right company that combines fun, efficiency, continuous learning and teamwork. I’ve found it: welcome to MiddleWay.

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You have to learn to see what you’re looking at.

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To me, it’s a transfer of data from one place to another. This movement is an essential part of data management and sharing. It’s what we do, and we do it well!