certification DP-203


Originally from the North of France (yes, a true “ch’timi”), I am still relatively new to the professional world. I began my studies with a Computer Science DUT (Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie) at the University of Valenciennes, but I stopped after my first year due to boredom. I returned to my former high school; while I enjoyed computer science, I wanted to delve into the scientific universe, so I joined a preparatory class specializing in Engineering Sciences. However, I didn’t give up on computer science; in fact, I became even more passionate about it. After my exams, I was accepted into École des Mines d’Alès for an apprenticeship in computer development, even though it’s located approximately 950 km away from my hometown. Despite the distance, I wasn’t afraid to take the leap and head south to France. I had the opportunity to do my apprenticeship at Intercontrole, working as an apprentice computer systems engineer, involved in non-destructive testing of primary circuits in nuclear power plants. It’s a highly interdisciplinary field, requiring skills in computer science as well as knowledge in automation, electronics, and mechanics. Although it’s a fascinating area, it eventually deviated from my initial goal. What truly interests me is statistics – the ability to make numbers speak – and for that, one must know how to manipulate and analyze data. When I started discussing with MiddleWay, I realized I needed to make a change and shift my focus towards a data-related career! That’s why when I was offered a position to join the MiddleWay team, I didn’t hesitate. My next destination will be Lyon !


I am a developer in a multi-client team, which gives me the opportunity to have a broader view of various business aspects. I can take on roles as a developer, customer support, and technical support for my colleagues. My days are not just about writing thousands of lines of code because that would quickly become tedious, wouldn’t it? I enjoy dedicating myself to what I call technical exploration, delving into new technologies, and finding practical ways to implement them. Communication also plays a significant role. Whether it’s internal discussions or interactions with clients, these conversations are crucial for understanding their needs and implementing tailored solutions. Ultimately, being a developer at MiddleWay means being quite versatile, exploring new technologies, evolving in different and interesting business contexts, and, most importantly, meeting wonderful people!

for you

Absolutely! Working at MiddleWay means taking on exciting challenges as a team in an incredible atmosphere. It involves discovering fascinating business contexts and collaborating with people whose expertise is unquestionable. At MiddleWay, the rapid evolution is fueled by a culture of knowledge-sharing, all while maintaining a relaxed and enjoyable work environment. It’s about getting things done without unnecessary stress and embracing a spirit of camaraderie and collaboration.

Your motto
in life

Each person begins in ignorance, but the essential lies in the courage to undertake learning and understanding.

What does
setting data in motion
to you ?

Being the Vinci Autoroute of the digital world is all about transporting data from a source to a destination by following a very precise path to meet various constraints. It involves retrieving the source, aggregating it, transforming it, and giving it more meaning for a specific context, ultimately making it available – this process is called data integration!