Passionate about computer science since childhood, and after a brief career as a semi-amateur ping-pong player and footballer, I graduated from a Master in Informatic science applied to business management and decision-making.

I met the most competent and the grumpiest member of the MiddleWay team during those student years! After a decade as a decision-making project manager, I naturally turned towards the more technical aspects and specialized in the design of decision support systems and data integration. Driven by entrepreneurship and the wish to consult and share while discovering different contexts, I decided to create my own decision-making IT consulting firm. I then decided to enhance my service offer with ESB, complementary to ETL. With this in mind, I literally “devoured” David’s book – BizTalk guru – and that’s how I started working with MiddleWay.


Today, I mainly deal with data integration in the fields of decision-making IT and inter-application exchanges: it means designing and executing data flows but also auditing decision-making systems regarding their architectural, operational, organizational aspects and user interfaces (management, communication…). Aware that the main goal of Business Intelligence is to make data talk, I design and execute functional reporting based on Qlik. This way I try to provide the best possible support to our clients on their whole project process.


for you

Above all else, MiddleWay is a human adventure uniting enthusiastic experts who don’t take themselves too seriously. It can also be summed up as a good place to evolve with great atmosphere and state of mind. Always ready to answer customers, the team knows when to drop ping-pong rackets in favor of computers… This whole context is beneficial for the team in order to satisfy its clients!

Your motto
in life

There are two things you should never forget in life: Nothing’s impossible until you have tried and Dare, and provide yourself with the means to achieve your goals.

What does
setting data in motion
to you ?

Data has become of the utmost importance in current information systems: if used correctly it can become a tremendous added value.

That’s why I turned towards data integration because data only becomes valuable if we use and share it correctly.

And in order to do this, you have to know how to collect it, purify it, share it, make it talk…set data in motion!