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After obtaining a Master’s degree in Chemistry, I worked in that field for a few years. However, my true passion for computer science quickly emerged, and I decided to transition into this domain. I pursued this career change by enrolling in a Computer Science DUT (Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie). Upon completing my degree, I joined an IT department (DSI) where I began my career in software development. Eventually, I specialized in business intelligence and also acquired skills in web application development. As I progressed in my professional journey, I made the decision to deepen my knowledge in Microsoft Azure cloud technology by obtaining a certification. This certification opened up new opportunities for me and led me to exciting projects at MiddleWay!


Your typical day starts with a coffee after the daily meeting with the client and the team, where you discuss the tasks accomplished the previous day and set the objectives for the day ahead. Following that, you organize your schedule based on the ongoing sprint. If you are working on a development project, you dive right into the code and tackle the various tasks that need to be completed. On support days, you make it a priority to respond promptly to client requests and resolve any technical issues that may arise. In summary, your day is structured around client meetings, development and support tasks, and collaboration with your colleagues.

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MiddleWay, to me, is primarily an incredibly enriching and unique experience, all thanks to the people I’ve had the opportunity to meet there. The team is made up of inspiring, passionate, and open-minded individuals who create a friendly and warm atmosphere every day. Beyond the technical skills that characterize the team, each member brings their expertise, creativity, and commitment to tackle the most complex technological challenges. But what makes MiddleWay so special is also the ability to laugh together and share moments of relaxation and enjoyment. The balance between work and camaraderie creates a truly enjoyable and supportive environment.

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Always believe in yourself, never give up, and don’t forget to have fun!

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Putting data into motion means bringing them to life by circulating, interacting, and transforming them to create added value through innovative solutions. It’s about meeting the client’s needs by constantly providing new, reliable, and secure data.