As a .NET developer since my alternating years, license, and master’s studies, I have remained loyal to the IT services company (ESN) that introduced me to the fascinating world of development for the past 8 years. During this time, I have been exposed to various technical and business contexts, which has helped me solidify my skills while fostering versatility and permanent adaptability. When two friends from my studies shared their experiences at MiddleWay, I immediately seized the opportunity to join them. I discovered that the company has a long-standing tradition of welcoming friendly connections, which made the decision even more appealing. This move allows me to specialize in backend development and data exchange, an area that stands out from my previous experiences. My career is now poised to take a new step forward as I immerse myself in a domain of expertise that revolves around cutting-edge technologies.


“The early bird catches the worm!” That’s why, with my client, we have a daily meeting at 8:30 AM. This helps me reorient myself and dive into my day’s work, which primarily involves supporting my client in their integration projects across various business domains. To achieve this, I develop data pipelines on Azure, participate in API management, conduct testing, and document the work I do. I also oversee the deployment to production and occasionally provide support to ensure the solutions are running smoothly.


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MiddleWay is a company that stands out, particularly because it empowers its employees, giving them the opportunity to build confidence. This dynamic allows us to progress together towards common goals while flourishing in a friendly atmosphere.

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“To conquer without peril brings no glory.”

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To set data in motion is to circulate information in the most appropriate way. The data producer is the one who enables it to exist. For it to be useful, data needs to be consumed, and thus, it is the consumer who gives meaning to the information. To ensure this transmission, it is necessary to impart movement to the data. This movement can be fast or slow, substantial or lightweight. Expertise lies in shaping the movement, aligning it closely with the capabilities of the producer and the expectations of the consumer.