I have a master’s in software engineering, with a project management option. I started out as a fullstack developer (JavaScript and Java with the whole panoply of associated frameworks). I quickly became a Scrum Master, then a PM, and this all happened working on key accounts at a major digital services outfit. Then I changed to a small digital services firm, still in the capacity of project manager. I moved to a new area and a new company. I was contacted by an acquaintance from my first job who works with MiddleWay, who told me they were looking for a project manager in the area where I ended up, and after a few interviews, here I am. Thanks, workmate!


I start my day by reading emails and various posts on Teams, before having a coffee. I follow that with a ‘daily’ that allows us to synchronize our tasks, our progress, etc.

My day essentially consists of attending meetings, answering emails and planning our team’s work.

I am in contact with the client on a daily basis, I am there to meet their needs, answer questions, point them in the right direction, etc.

I am also an expert in wordplay, especially puns, to the delight of my colleagues, or maybe not…


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A super translator: it’s like being at the UN and having one person who speaks every language and allows everyone to talk together.

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It’s not being lazy if you only do things once because you do them well!

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Enabling all systems to communicate with each other, and exchanging data securely. Integrating data also makes it possible to bring them to life and give them meaning. Otherwise, it’s sad to see it “living” in a database until it’s archived, never seeing it flourish, grow, or travel…