In 2009, after an atypical history post-graduation, I started studying informatics. Once I validated my diploma, true to form, I went the opposite way than that I intended and decided to make a living from my other passion: Chess.

At the end of 2016 and after several highly challenging yet rewarding years, I decided (yet again) to change course! I met the MiddleWay team at this turning point in my life. I decided to join the adventure, particularly seduced by their ambitious project and eager for new challenges!


After a few lame jokes and cups of coffee, here I am, ready to meet the challenges that wait every morning. With our clients’ widely different and constantly moving contexts, there’s never a dull moment! On my menu everyday: analysis, advice, support and of course technical solution implementation. In the midst of all this, I constantly listen to the client and make myself as available as possible.

I strive to anticipate as much as possible our customers’ future needs and evolutions. In my opinion, this aspect is compulsory before choosing and implementing a solution.

Let’s not forget to add a bit of technical monitoring, which enables me to propose new ideas in due course. This is the kind of details that makes the “MiddleWay bonus”! A competitor at heart, I also strive to keep my status as champion – humbly yours! – in most of our “extra-curricular” activities.

Here’s how my days are like, each one as rich as the next.


for you

Training, skills improvement… For me, MiddleWay is first and foremost a group of people who gave me a chance and dedicated some of their time to support me. More than a company, it’s a team. We are all united around one project and driven by the will to move forward together.

It’s also a singular model based on a lot of communication, mutual aid and a terrific atmosphere.

By the way, I like to think that I bring to the mix my daily dose of humor, even though competing with David’s recognized technique in this area is no small task! In short, it’s a good place to flourish!

Your motto
in life

Victoriae mundis et mundis lacrima.
Ok, it doesn’t mean anything at all, but I think it fits the bill.

Let’s talk

What does
setting data in motion
to you ?

For years now, data circulating within information systems have been increasing almost exponentially. They are now at the core of companies. This is why, more and more, companies feel the need to inter-connect their different information systems but also to open them towards the outside (clients, suppliers, etc.). 

Setting data in motion, according to each company’s environment, consists in creating architectures capable of transferring data from one system to the other while guaranteeing their safety as well as their integrity.

To sum it up, improve business processes by ensuring some measure of consistency in the data flow.

That is why we’re experts in middleware or more commonly “in the middle of applications”.