After 13 years in a large European logistics group as a Java web development engineer, BizTalk project manager and then manager of the EDI / EAI team, I decided to come back to my region of origin, Alpes-Maritimes, in the south of France. Highly Motivated by more than 10 years of collaboration with David (and yes, I was the customer ;-), the choice is made in 2017 to take the leap to offer my services, preaching the good word of middleware, take up the entrepreneurship challenge or live the fullest the integration world.


Once the radio alarm clock thrown against the wall, my creed is to help customers meet the challenge of a reliable and available information system organized around integration solutions: one day, listening to new needs, another day, hands in systems or raising a new technical challenge, rarely unconnected, sometimes in support of teams, often pragmatic and finally always happy to design new solutions.


for you

MiddleWay is a cocktail (girls, I don’t mean mojito here) of all goods things, a data poem, the small middleware giants, composed of amateurs of professionalism, young people (Already told you that I was n’t the dean of the team?), experts of funnies word games slipped to the shoehorn in the discussions, dark enlightened integration, agile soccer players with their hands, serious casual management or followers of the half(-marathon) or beer (ale one for me please)… In short, you will easily understand, a condensed complementarities, all oriented towards the same direction.

Your motto
in life

A wise old man once said to me: « If you want to get what you’ve never had, start doing what you’ve never done before ».

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Moving data is to sublimate it, to make it beautiful, presentable, correct and available at the right moment for the greatest satisfaction of the person in front of the screen, a whole job!