certification AZ900 Certification AZ-204


Passionate about IT and new technologies since always, it was obvious to me to go in studies related to this my passion. Preferring the concrete to the theory, I headed for an engineering school. In 2021, at the end of my year in apprenticeship in the field of industry, and with my diploma in my pocket, I run into Middleway. The dynamism, ambition and good atmosphere of the company made me want to come with them on this great adventure. Coming straight from Alsace, here I am in Lyon!


Listening to the customer and adapting the solutions to the business needed, that’s what my day looks like. This consists of developing, deploying and maintaining the flows set up for the customer. These missions require me to be constantly evolving, both technically and in business understanding.

for you

I see Middleway as a group of friends who founded a company around great values. His spirit of mutual aid, his good humor and his transparency make the company a perfect working environment for both professionally and socially part.

Your motto
in life

“Live to win, ’till you die, ’till the light dies in your eyes Live to win, take it all, just keep fighting till you fall”, Paul Stanley. A reference for pop culture fans.

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What does
setting data in motion
to you ?

More than being able to make several systems communicate with each other, setting data in motion makes it possible to unravel the complexity of various data and systems, through automated and secure flows. This allows better visibility of the data, in a simple and optimized way.