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After several years spent as a developer, project manager and technical architect within several IT service companies, I started as a freelance middleware specialist in early 2006. In 2010, I published a book in French regarding Microsoft BizTalk Server, Microsoft’s middleware. To date, this book is still widely used to enable the product’s users to upgrade their skills. I still sign a few copies from times to times Thanks to this book I was named  “Microsoft Most Valuable Professional” in 2010.

After collaborating with my current colleagues/associates for several years, I co-founded MiddleWay in 2013 and this adventure has since taken up all the room it deserves in my life. In a way, I am a bit like the dean of MiddleWay since, as my “young” colleagues never fail to remind me, I am the oldest of the team, which implies of course that I am also the wisest!


Advise our customers so that they will choose the best technical options to connect their data repositories. Support our clients’ teams as well as MiddleWay’s people during the set up phase. Follow up and keep up to date with anything new regarding the Microsoft products we use in our missions.

I’m also in charge of MiddleWay’s business activities… the one who calls everyone to order when it’s time to close the accounting month! And last but not least, I sometimes rival Bastien when it comes to puns.


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MiddleWay is an adventure of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. We’re all moving towards a common goal by mobilizing tremendous amounts of transparency, communication and commitment. It is also a structure where, despite our true dedication to projects, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

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Don’t give up the fight! from some guy named Bob Marley! (no relation with Cédric…).

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When we intervene for a client, we are often confronted with a massive amount of information that is required to circulate in-between several systems or partners. To set data in motion means to build, together with the customer, a technical solution that will allow for a smooth data flow within a reliable and flexible business process for the client. It also implies that you understand the business and challenges of your customer in order to put together the right solution and not be overly technical just for the fun of it.