High school diploma in science, IT IUT in one year and then finally IT engineering school at EPSI (Montpellier, FRANCE). After trying to find interesting work in this beautiful city, I took my backpack to go to Paris where opportunities were more promising than the sun.

I started doing ASP.Net for Sport 2000 right before realizing that I prefer working in the Data Integration field, so I started on BizTalk 2004 (which is not the best version) for l’Oréal. I then kept in this way at different customers like Marionnaud, Bouygues real estate, Thales, France Loisirs and Chanel for which I put my skills at their service. Thanks to this diversity, I have been able to see many ways of working, trying every time to keep the best of what was done to best support my clients by trying to apply the methodologies that seem to be most propitious. My various assignments have led me to take up challenges for some that show how much integration can lead to work on really diverse topics and that the most integrated (automated) companies are the best prepared and profitable to deal with current challenges.


Right now in full time at Chanel, I have at the same time the cap of project manager, architect and developer. I work on a daily basis in a team of about ten people and most of my projects are at the moment mainly devoted to e-commerce interfaces. This consists of:

– requirement analysis, prepare the plans

– work on the modeling of canonical messages

– realize specifications and mappings

– architecture design

– participate to development until delivery.


for you

Middleway is the company that gave me the courage to dare to embark on the freelance adventure thanks to the associates I met who convinced me that it was the right way to go. But that’s not all, the atmosphere and the quality of these make me want to go much further with this company in which I believe. I intend to invest even more to help MiddleWay to grow while hoping bringing it my qualities. Coming soon 😉

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A man’s maturity: that is to have rediscovered the seriousness he possessed as a child at play.

Truths are illusions which we have forgotten are illusions.

Do your best, stay impeccable and you’ll see.

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Allow all types of systems that share common data to communicate with each other, share them and be synchronized. BizTalk technology allows you to do all this by offering a whole range of out of the box connectors that facilitate this integration plus administration and supervision features that make it a complete tool that natively covers a wide range of needs.