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I am a science lover so I quite logically turned to a Math-Info curriculum at Université Claude Bernard (Lyon 1 University). This is how I first discovered then deeply improved my practice of computer science.  So much so that without realizing it I started a PhD in Computer Graphics. Once a Doctor, I jumped at the opportunity to discover the professional world, its codes and requirements. That’s precisely when MiddleWay came into my life!


Firstly, use all my accumulated expertise to provide my clients with the best-suited solution to their context. Being seriously involved in my project(s) is also very important for me, in order to be as efficient as possible and to have a sense of accomplishment. My days can thus be summed up as a succession of challenges I enjoy taking up.


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First of all, it’s a firm of experts, each more motivated and determined than the next. But beyond relatively heterogeneous profiles hides a terrific and welcoming team. Good mood and openness are the norm. One feels at ease: ideal conditions for concentration and productivity!

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As long as a problem remains unresolved, the researcher who ties himself to it has the right to exaggerate its beauty to his own eyes.

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I’ve always felt frustrated by the lack of automation in the digital age. That’s why steering the various data of our clients through sometimes-complex flows so as to improve their business process matters to me. It is a meticulous dance of information, involving a large number of different technologies, which requires great expertise and rigor. That’s what makes it so interesting.