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It all started a long time ago, one night in early January. Remnant of a party or emphatic New Year wishes? The fact remains that 24 years and nine month later, with a diploma from CPE Lyon (a French Grande École for chemistry, physics and electronics) under my belt, I joined an IT service company where I had the chance to have David as a mentor. Gifted with incredible talent, I soon became project manager then seasoned architect. Exhilarated by success, I became a freelancer. David, Cédric and I worked regularly together for four years. Then, when the idea of MiddleWay surfaced, I told myself it was the only course worth trying.

I’m a bit of a free electron at MiddleWay since I’m not doing middleware per se: I work on a collaborative tool called SharePoint, which is the corner stone of many Microsoft’s Cloud products. That’s how I approach middleware.


A complex alchemy between technicality, synthesis and continuous improvement. As a consultant, technique remains essential to apprehend the possibilities but mostly the limits of the technological bricks I might resort to. I’m constantly listening to my clients’ expressed or latent needs. It enables me to build infrastructures or architectures that meets their needs today but also, insofar as possible, tomorrow. 

On a day-to-day basis, I cultivate my “Zen” in order to put up with Bastien’s and David’s jokes. When it becomes too much, or sometimes purely for fun, I like to fill their head with a small song I’ve been keeping up my sleeve and that will get stuck n their heads for a long time.


for you

It’s a place to flourish, both professionally and personally. Where all conditions are met to grow.  It is our contribution to the world in the battle against the soft hydra of ignorance.

Your motto
in life

Neither balk nor hustle. Stupidity is the coolness of intelligence. Blessed are the cracked, they’re letting light pass.

And just for the pleasure: I’m the artistic touch here, so I’ll ask you not to meddle.

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What does
setting data in motion
to you ?

First and foremost it means to decompartmentalize data that used to be in closed circuit. It enables companies to step to the next level of business intelligence, much like the brain: the number of connections betweens neurons is more important than the number of neurons themselves. Setting data in motion means making them more relevant and shaping the brain of our clients’ companies. It is the only valid answer to the increased volume of generated data.