Di Rollo


I have always been very keen on computers in general. It was therefore natural that I studied IT development. After a science baccalaureate (i.e. school exams at age 18), a vocational diploma and a degree, I started work in a famous French brioche brand’s manufacturing plant. Automation, C# and SQL were the main focus.

After this first experience, I encountered the world of Middleware at a large logistics company. Initially as a BizTalk developer, then as an EDI/EAI technical expert, I built up my knowledge and worked daily with MiddleWay teams and contractors.

After 5 years of that, I moved into the nuclear power industry. Some time later, I felt called back into the field of integration, and so here I am at MiddleWay.


Every day, in between two coffees and a piece of chocolate, I support and guide my clients in their integration projects. I attend interface design workshops, technical workshops, develop EDI/EAI flows under BizTalk and Azure, I’m involved in the testing phases, follow up on deliveries after they go live, and I document the work done.


for you

MiddleWay is an opportunity for me to work in a job that I enjoy. It is also an opportunity to be part of a team of integration experts and to share our knowledge, all in a relaxed atmosphere.

Your motto
in life

Do what you enjoy, and do it more often.

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What does
setting data in motion
to you ?

Data contains information, and information that is not used or shared doesn’t inform anyone about anything. Set data in motion, and it starts to mean something. This is the integrator’s role – making it possible to establish routes between various computer systems and automate how data moves around. The outcome of this work is usually time savings at all levels, and greater data interchange reliability.