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After the high school diploma I got in China, I was several years in the world of Automatics, with systems, matrices, control theory and so on. The second year after my arrival in France, I turned to the world of computing. With a year of Master 2 in Computer Science, I completed my computer science skills. I worked in several areas: ASP.NET application development, computer system validation, industrial system modeling and simulation, and other things. Here I bring a little international touch to MiddleWay!



Daily, I put all my attentions on my work in order to answer to the needs of the customers, the design, the development, the delivery, the follow-up and the run! My day is full! Between breaks, I enjoy the jokes of colleagues, the excellent and the bad of course!


for you

A lot of support and assistance to build skills for newcomers, great work atmosphere, team spirit, transparency, all this made the happiness of being a MiddleWay!

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Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get!

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Systems integration allows better communication between different systems, automating business processes and possibly automating processes.