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Coming from an engineering background, I have always been attracted to the domain of digital technologies. However, I quickly felt that the technique could not satisfy all my desires and ambitions. So I expanded my training by doing a double degree in business school. In my opinion, it was the best way to open doors for me and give me prospects for development. In order to finish my studies I did an internship in a Web agency in Brazil, run by a Frenchman. At the end of this wonderful experience, the founder suggested that I set up a French subsidiary. I then become technical manager and partner of the entity of Lyon. This is where I learn my skills and gain experience. However, I quickly find myself alone in my work going in circles. Then takes me a strong desire for interactions, teamwork and new challenges. That’s when Middleway comes my way, an alien in the consulting world. The energy, values ​​and philosophy that this company exudes appeal to me. Unexpectedly, I am embarked on a new adventure.


As a project manager, I am in contact with clients on a day-to-day basis. I am responsible for specifying the need in contact with the Middleway architects and the client. I am then responsible for bringing the project to life managing planning, budget and team. Without being an expert profile, I must be able to discuss with all the stakeholders of the project in order to achieve the objectives and best meet the demands of ours customers.

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It is a group of friends who have shaped their work environment faithful to their values and their philosophy of life. It is a healthy work environment where transparency, joy of living and mutual aid are the key words. But it is also parts of Fifa where talent, good faith and benevolence reign undoubtedly

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From the little acorn arises the great oak. 

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Facilitating the flow of data allows our customers to optimize their processes by automating them. It is also allowing them an improved and effective analysis to consolidate their actions. In short, it’s making their lives easier.