De Casteljau
certification AZ900


I initially started my professional life working for an accounting firm, where I dealt with a lot of accounting entries. I quickly discovered my enthusiasm for working with data. So, when I heard about MiddleWay and what they were doing, it immediately resonated with me and sparked my interest.


As a developer, I am fortunate to work on exciting projects. My role involves actively listening to clients’ problems and brainstorming simple and effective solutions to address them.


for you

MiddleWay is a cool place where a friendly atmosphere prevails. Whether it’s during work or leisure time, there is always a great ambiance. I believe this positive atmosphere is essential and contributes to the overall well-being of the team.

Your motto
in life

“Forever you will bloom, and never will you wither.”

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What does
setting data in motion
to you ?

Absolutely, putting data into motion goes beyond technical manipulations. It is a way to participate in a major and fundamental challenge in our human societies: communication. Data plays a crucial role in the development of businesses and in making informed decisions. By enabling the smooth flow and interaction of data, we facilitate effective communication and empower organizations to thrive in an increasingly data-driven world.