Simon Emmanuel


I started out as a developer “while waiting for inspiration”, then as project manager/technical architect. After a brief yet intense experience overseas as manager of a development center, I decided to change my core expertise and focused on data flow and application integration issues. 

After 12 years in an IT service company, I decided to try freelancing to see and experience something else. I crossed paths with Cédric and David not long after that, who were building a nice project called MiddleWay 🙂


My daily missions are quite rich.  The key distinctive elements are mostly attention, analysis and dialogue: in our field there is no silver bullet, each solution has to be tailor-made yet able to adapt to –sometimes rapidly – evolving needs! In contexts as dynamic as those of our clients, we need to constantly adapt, collect and register their needs, anticipate changes and most of all share and transmit.

Simon Emmanuel

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A way to do more than just your job: it’s a work in progress and hopefully, a playground where each of us will ultimately find more than what we came looking for.

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When you shoot, shoot, don’t talk!

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setting data in motion
to you ?

I see three fundamental aspects:

  • Form: it’s the most static dimension; the same data can be present under various guises in the different systems that make up an IS.
  • Intent: it’s the data global vision: how it is disseminated and how it must live.
  • Movement: it’s the concretization of intent. Data moves within the IS and propagates.

Our job is to give life to this movement, to foresee and manage each steps and misstep, adapting the form of the data while respecting the global intent.