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After graduating high school, I chose to become an engineer. That’s why I joined CPE Lyon (French Grande École for chemistry, physics and electronics) where I specialized in computer science and electronics. This school allowed me to discover life (real life!). For instance I could do a hiatus year during which I worked in the Netherlands between my fourth and fifth year of studies. After I completed my final year project in artificial intelligence, I joined MiddleWay Lyon. One year after, I switched for MiddleWay Paris!


I daily take up multiple challenges in a typical day! I take actions at different steps in my customers’ projects: conception, architecture, development, support… The main issue is to continually adapt myself to be able to advise and support in the best possible way according to the latest technological innovations. The key to success: communication!

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It’s a company that has everything you need! With the difference that you will find there a true start-up spirit: local management, relaxed atmosphere, great working conditions … As I join MiddleWay at its beginnings, I am proud to invest myself to see MiddleWay grow.

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Life is a mystery that must be lived, not a problem to be solved.

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Data: a topic at the heart of the company’s concerns and also our core business! The big question today is: how to organize and optimize the flow of this data? Our role: to design the best architecture adapted to each need in terms of speed, reliability, integrity and security. For this we turn now to Cloud solutions, which evolve very quickly and offer many advantages. For me, setting data in motion is efficiently automating the exchange of data between applications while facilitating the detection of anomalies and their resolution.