Attracted by the new technologies, I followed a computer science path with a DUT (France Two Years University Degree) and then a professional license specialized in computer systems and software. Later, driven by my curiosity, I had the opportunity to work with several languages Python, Java, PHP; Until becoming a MainFrame developer consultant (COBOL) before going back to the future and meeting the Microsoft environment and MiddleWay. 


Daily meeting, coffee and then, it’s gone for the day. To acquaint the needs of and assist the client, to imagine the flow, to move from the imaginary to the concrete, to make sure of their good routing and to secure the whole, are part of my possible daily missions. In addition, we organize regular travels to our customers offices to accentuate our relationship of thrust and proximity. 

for you

MiddleWay is primarily a team of experts that helps me to progress and learn every day. It is also an opportunity to take part in various and challenging projects. The accessibility of my colleagues and the internal communication make me feel involved and an actor of the enterprise. The atmosphere, which reigns, strengthens the quality of life at work and our different MiddleEvents increase the team cohesion already well installed. 

Your motto
in life

There is a quotation that often comes to my mind in moments of doubt: “If you give up, you will never know how close you were to the goal.” 

What does
setting data in motion
to you ?

With the switchover to digital, at the dawn of big data and the cloud, the problem of sharing and synchronizing information between different applications, bases and other platforms, is even more topical. Thus, the automation and the securing of the resulting data streams become paramount; And that’s where we come in!