I was introduced to data management with SAP Finance and Controlling during 3 years of apprenticeship. At the end of my studies, my first job was web developer, oriented towards Microsoft technologies (C#, SQL Server), followed by a few months of freelance experience. Finally I arrived at MiddleWay, convinced that middleware would suit me perfectly. I was not disappointed. 


Analyse specifications, implement the solution with the obsession of producing a quality code, scalable and maintainable without any headache. Finally, accompany the client during testing and production launch.

for you

MiddleWay is a new beginning: new colleagues, new technical domain to learn (Azure). It is also a good atmosphere, relaxed and friendly, a place where there are no walls between people. Everyone is ready to help and share their knowledge. 

Your motto
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Minds are like parachutes : they only work when they are open. 

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What does
setting data in motion
to you ?

Purchase a product on the other side of the world and have it delivered to your home: putting data in motion means making this possible by linking complementary systems (shop, warehouse, delivery man, etc.) in a fluid and efficient way (at least as much as the Paris ring road on a containment day) in order to be there without being there for the user.