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How to use Azure Devops data within PowerBI

  When using Azure DevOps, we generate a lot of data. This can include scheduling data as well as data on the team or the various pipelines set up. It would be a shame not to use this …

How to reach a Google Storage Bucket from an Azure Function

In the context of developing a data flow, we need to connect to a Google Storage Bucket. Since there is no Logic App connector to do this easily, we will do it from an Azure Function. The idea is …

Automate deployment for Azure Data Factory with Azure DevOps

Deploying and variabilizing an Azure Data Factory (ADF) on different environments by exporting its ARM template can quickly become tedious. Even more so when the number of flows to be exported …

Encoding and decoding EDIFACT messages in a Logic App

EDIFACT messages can be processed in a Logic App, either decoding incoming messages or encoding outbound ones. To configure EDIFACT message encoding and decoding, a number of steps must be …

Oracle data transfers via Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory (ADF) is the ETL (Extract Transform Load) component of the Microsoft Azure environment. It is used to create pipelines to extract, modify and move data in and out of numerous data …
Azure Active Directory user authentication on Azure Function

AD user authentication with Azure function

When you create an Azure Function it is protected, by default, with the API key security. So when you need to call that function then you simply attach the provided API key to the request. API key …

Azure EF Core and EF 6 SQL database connection resiliency

When using a serverless Azure SQL database via an Azure Function, the “Internal .Net Framework Data Provider error 6 in SQL Azure” error can sometimes occur. Yet if you re-run the query a …
rbac authorization using ARM
ARM Template

Authorizing resources using RBAC with a separate ARM file

I have been using ARM (Azure Resource Management) templates to deploy Azure resources for a fairly long time. Generally speaking, these templates are straightforward to use, but some steps can be a …

Handling zombie messages in BizTalk

  Zombie messages are messages that were routed to a running orchestration from the messageBox and were currently “in flight” when the orchestration instance ended. In other words, we have …
Front linked ARM

Linked ARM templates with _artifactsLocation and _artifactsLocationSasToken

  As described in the Microsoft documentation, it is possible to use these parameters to reference linked ARM templates. There are two reasons to do this, in that there is no need to provision a …
Optimizing JSON processing in Logic App with map and reduce

Optimizing JSON data processing in Logic App with map and reduce

Not while ago a colleague of mine asked me to take a look at his Logic App. It has a HTTP trigger with JSON data on the input. The Logic App processed the data (JSON array) with a For-Each action and …
Variabilise bindings DevOps

Using variables in BizTalk bindings in Azure DevOps

In this article, we will see how to use variables in BizTalk bindings during automatic deployments using Azure DevOps. We will also see how to have different configurations depending on the …