First, I took a diploma in Networks and Telecommunications to acquire some technical skills in this huge area. Then after a more software-oriented degree in Information Systems, I did a master’s in Management and IT, with the aim of finding out how to manage projects properly. Over my career, I alternated between project management positions, requirements analysis and development, before settling in Lyon.


Falling somewhere between project management, requirements analysis and running the team, my role is to ensure that requirements are clear and properly delimited. As this is a fairly technical aspect, I leverage my past experience. I also ensure that projects are completed on time and delivered meeting the necessary quality level, while making sure that the team’s workload is not excessive. Every team member should feel good in their role in order to obtain a coherent end result.


for you

It is a rare business model indeed that is honest with its customers (and judging by my experience, it’s highly unusual), respects its employees, and thinks ahead.  There is also not only a kind mindset that I enjoy coming back to every day, but also a united team of people, always ready to help, just like the company’s co-founders (who, on the other hand, would do well to get more practice on FIFA).

Your motto
in life

“You have to laugh or else you’d cry.”

What does
setting data in motion
to you ?

It means saving customers from unnecessary errors and redundant tasks by helping them automate their processes. The outcome is considerable savings of both time and money. In short, it means improving their work!