Literature baccalaureate (i.e. school exams at age 18) followed by a degree in Applied Foreign Languages (English/Spanish). I earned a living from small jobs (temping, cooking, stock-taking) before finding an opportunity as a trainee editor in the web sector, and then spending many years slaving over a hot oven as a chef, before finally starting in development in start-ups and digital services, to finally land in a position that suits me, as a data integration engineer at MiddleWay.


By 9 am, I’m already on my third coffee! Otherwise, once I’m settled in, I do what everyone else does: I check and answer my emails, and continue with what I was working on the day before, or before the weekend.

A large part of my job is browsing Google results looking for solutions to my problems. When the task at hand doesn’t require Google searches, I put some music on and work at it until I finish or until lunchtime. Then, depending on the season, I go for a run to Gerland park, wash, eat and go back to work until 5 pm, when I shoot off because I live in the Drôme countryside.


for you

I see MiddleWay as a small company made up of people who are very skilled at what they do, each with their own specialty. However, everyone has their feet on the ground and is very kind to their colleagues, regardless of their rank. Newcomers always fit in well, and there is a good atmosphere at all times.

Your motto
in life

I want to move from Monday to Friday like my data move from one database to another, i.e. quickly and efficiently.

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setting data in motion
to you ?

It cannot be repeated often enough: today, data form a key battleground. And since today’s data can no longer afford to just sit there, ways had to be found to move data around and keep them up to date. This is what we do at MiddleWay: we convey data from A to B, carrying out additional operations during the journey if need be. It is, of course, all automated, so we just have to make sure that our well-oiled machine does not jam.