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resubmit logic app

Easy resubmit feature with Azure Logic apps

What a resubmit for ? Either working with Biztalk or Azure Logic apps, the possibility to resubmit requests always have been a great feature. It’s the kind of feature that can make a customer happy. …
Azure logic app for each action

What you should know about Azure Logic apps For each loop

Since Azure Logic App’s for each action have been released it has changed the logic apps flow design, the integration possibilites and the time it takes to implement complex workflows. When you are …
logic app error handler

Error handling within Azure logic Apps

As development way is, error handling with Azure Logic apps is slightly different than what I was used to. Exactly, this post is about an overview of the components, options an behaviors offered by …

Using Logic App output to display relevant information in the Logic App run detail

There are a lot of use cases where we need to deep dive into Logic Apps runs to understand what happened and to determine the context of the execution. The content of the execution is, for example, …
Quick SFTP Server configuration inside an Azure virtual machine

Quick SFTP Server for Logic Apps

In this post, we will see how to configure a quick SFTP Server inside an Azure virtual machine and use it in any Azure Logic apps. For one of our customer i was in charge of an integration process …
ssis large data optimization
SQL Server

SQL Server – Large data flow with SSIS

This post is about SSIS consideration while designing a data migration control flow between databases. The main goal is to optimize our whole process. Above the business process we handling, we have …
secure and reliable logic apps with service bus

Scalable & Reliable messaging in Azure Logic Apps with Service Bus

Azure Logic App is the toolset to build scalable integrations and workflows within the Windows Azure platform. As many services provided by Windows Azure, Azure Logic Apps runs serverless. Yes, that …
Install Azure On-premise Data Gateway

Install Azure On-premises data gateway

In a previous post – Understanding Azure On-premises Data Gateway – I tried to explain how the Azure On-premises data gateway works. This post is the next step and shows how to install the …
Install Azure On-premise Data Gateway

Understanding Azure On-premises Data Gateway

As data is now everywhere (cloud and on-premises solutions) we – the integration experts – paying attention to hybrid communication ways. Enterprise business processes are more and more involving …

SAS authentication in Azure API Management

BACKEND AUTHENTICATION IN APIM In every API management tool, you must make a distinction between frontend authentication (or façade, ie: that exposed to the API consumers) and backend authentication …
from single record (node) to multiple record (node) with Biztalk map

From single node to repeating nodes using BizTalk Mapper

Switching from a single node to a repeating nodes structure is a case I have frequently answered with BizTalk. BizTalk and his mapping toolbox allows to get these transformations easily . Usually, …

Microsoft BizTalk Services is retired

Microsoft has announced (on 05/31/2017) that BizTalk Services will be retired (https://azure.microsoft.com/en-au/updates/azure-biztalk-services-simplifying-our-azure-offerings/). Let’s go back …