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Azure monitor logs through logic app

Azure monitor Logs: log custom data through Azure Logic Apps

Azure Monitor Logs (formerly Log Analytics) is a fundamental feature of Azure Monitor Service. It is a set of tools allowing : Azure resources or any external resource to send logs Data analysis …
debatching inside orchestration with BizTalk

Debatching a XML message in an orchestration with a pipeline

Why would we need to debatch an XML message in an orchestration with a pipeline instead of using straight the receive pipeline on the port ? It turns out that is interesting for the following …
BTDF deploy IIS application

Deploy an IIS Site with BTDF

To expose a web service with Biztalk, the Biztalk WCF Service Publishing Wizard can be used. This wizard, among other things, generates an IIS site. In order to fully automatize the deployment, it …
BTDF deploy IIS application

Biztalk Server Application project : Set Up

With BizTalk 2016 (FP 2), a new BizTalk project type appeared in Visual Studio: The BizTalk Server Application project. This project type allows you to automatically deploy a BizTalk project through …
implement fire forget with Azure logic apps

Implementing Fire & Forget pattern with Nested Logic Apps

When you are dealing with an API (or an external process), you might want to start it and don’t want or need to wait untill the end of its execution. This is commonly called the Fire & Forget …
logic apps run after

Logic Apps run after settings with Logic Apps’ designer

Behind the Logic Apps designer, there is a Json based source code. Basically, the logic app trigger and all the actions included in the workflow are defined in this file. If you have already checked …
map full xslt

Make a map in full Xslt

Between many artifacts BizTalk Server provided maps. Maps allow XML Source messages transformation into XML Destination messages. For that purpose, there are basically three approaches.   The …
self correlated port with star wars api

Self Correlating Port with Microsoft BizTalk Server

BizTalk orchestrations can be designed to run discrete pieces of work, following the classic ‘ACID’ concept of a transaction. If we need to debatch a Message inside a Biztalk orchestration, we will …
sql server forced parameterization

SQL Server Simple and Forced Parameterization

With this post, I just wanted to share something I have stumbled onto when using Azure Advisor service and related to the optimization of a cloud based SQL Server database. However, it applies to any …
deal with seekable stream

How to deal with non seekable stream

I recently faced a problem when dealing with stream in a custom BizTalk pipeline component. Apparently, it sometimes happens the stream you are using is not seekable : Error : …

Insufficient privileges during the installation of BizTalk TMS

BizTalk TMS is an additional component required for the BizTalk Server 2016 Feature Pack 3. This component is in charge of the management of OAuth token refresh for the 3 new adapters that comes with …
solving nuget errors on vsts build server

Solving the ECONNREFUSED error with Nuget tasks on a VSTS private agent

Consider the following scenario : You use VSTS to build and deploy your developments You have set up a Nuget Feed in VSTS You rely on a private agent to perform the build operations In this …