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Aggregate Messages in an Orchestration with a Send Pipeline

In this article, we suggest using a send pipeline in an orchestration so as to aggregate messages. The advantages of this method are: proper control over the structure of aggregated messages; full …
Azure REST API Update workflow

Azure Rest API: The request to patch workflow is not supported

I have recently used Azure REST API to manage Logic App Workflows in a custom Web application. One of my need was to update the Logic App trigger definition by using the Azure REST …
Azure cloud hybrid

Using Azure Hybrid Connections

  In our integration solutions, we’re often dealing with a need to integrate an Azure cloud application with a client’s on-premise system. A while ago a colleague of mine wrote the article …
ack BizTalk Server

Acknowledgment (ACK and NACK) handling with Microsoft BizTalk Server

We have seen, as part of a client project, the requirement to manage acknowledgments (ACK) and negative acknowledgments (NACK) when sending messages. This means we need to respond differently in the …
Dealing with uncompleted tasks at the end of sprint in Azure DevOps

Dealing with uncompleted tasks at the end of a sprint in Azure DevOps

Whether working in project mode or in a “Service Center” style integration team, it very often happens that the end of a sprint is reached with some tasks incomplete. According to the Agile …
apim function app
API Management

Expose a function app with Azure API Management

In the same way as other resources that can be exposed as an API, the Azure functions that you have built can be exposed via Azure API Management (APIM). The benefit of using this method is that you …
graphQL with BizTalk Server

GraphQL with BizTalk

To communicate with APIs, the message format generally used by Microsoft BizTalk Server is XML or Json. There are indeed some native pipeline components which allows us, while both sending and …
XSLT avec une fonction Azure

Executing XSLT in a Function app on Azure Cloud

For some customer, Integration Account pricing can be a deal. Especially if they only need a few mapping artifacts. Costs will be the same no matter if you use artifacts frequently or not. This is …
debatch xml orchestration

XML debatching in an orchestration with XPath

When you want to debatch an XML file under BizTalk, there are two ways to do this either with a pipeline or with XPath. Here it is going to be about the second way, and we will start with the unitary …
Azure monitor logs through logic app

Azure monitor Logs: log custom data through Azure Logic Apps

Azure Monitor Logs (formerly Log Analytics) is a fundamental feature of Azure Monitor Service. It is a set of tools allowing : Azure resources or any external resource to send logs Data analysis …
debatching inside orchestration with BizTalk

Debatching a XML message in an orchestration with a pipeline

Why would we need to debatch an XML message in an orchestration with a pipeline instead of using straight the receive pipeline on the port ? It turns out that is interesting for the following …
BTDF deploy IIS application

Deploy an IIS Site with BTDF

To expose a web service with Biztalk, the Biztalk WCF Service Publishing Wizard can be used. This wizard, among other things, generates an IIS site. In order to fully automatize the deployment, it …