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solving nuget errors on vsts build server

Solving the ECONNREFUSED error with Nuget tasks on a VSTS private agent

Consider the following scenario : You use VSTS to build and deploy your developments You have set up a Nuget Feed in VSTS You rely on a private agent to perform the build operations In this …
btdf multiple binding files

BTDF : handling multiple partial binding masters

When you work on a BTDF project, having multiple partial binding masters (i.e : the complete binding master of the BizTalk application is split in many different files) can be useful in several …

Azure Cost Management overview & examples

Created by the company Cloudyn, Azure Cost Management is a tool that allows to easily supervise all the expenses related to a Cloud subscription. It is compatible with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud …
unit test biztalk

Biztalk maps and unit tests

This article follows the presentation of unit testing on XML schemas. This time we will focus on the unit tests for BizTalk maps. The philosophy remains the same: to guarantee the validity and the …
tracking biztalk non working on Azure

BizTalk tracking not working on Azure VM

When creating a BizTalk Server VM (from « BizTalk Server 2016 Developer » template for instance) on Azure,     BizTalk tracking simply does not work.     To fix the issue, …
unit test biztalk

XML Schemas and Unit Tests

During BizTalk development, XML schema creation is almost inevitable. Once the schema is built, it is a good practice to validate it (using the “Validate Schema” and “Validate Instance” features). …
resubmit logic app

Easy resubmit feature with Azure Logic apps

What a resubmit for ? Either working with Biztalk or Azure Logic apps, the possibility to resubmit requests always have been a great feature. It’s the kind of feature that can make a customer happy. …
Azure logic app for each action

What you should know about Azure Logic apps For each loop

Since Azure Logic App’s for each action have been released it has changed the logic apps flow design, the integration possibilites and the time it takes to implement complex workflows. When you are …
logic app error handler

Error handling within Azure logic Apps

As development way is, error handling with Azure Logic apps is slightly different than what I was used to. Exactly, this post is about an overview of the components, options an behaviors offered by …

Using Logic App output to display relevant information in the Logic App run detail

There are a lot of use cases where we need to deep dive into Logic Apps runs to understand what happened and to determine the context of the execution. The content of the execution is, for example, …
Quick SFTP Server configuration inside an Azure virtual machine

Quick SFTP Server for Logic Apps

In this post, we will see how to configure a quick SFTP Server inside an Azure virtual machine and use it in any Azure Logic apps. For one of our customer i was in charge of an integration process …
ssis large data optimization
SQL Server

SQL Server – Large data flow with SSIS

This post is about SSIS consideration while designing a data migration control flow between databases. The main goal is to optimize our whole process. Above the business process we handling, we have …